Coaching Teams and Individuals to better results




Bespoke individual coaching is offered on a 121 meeting by meeting basis or a supported program which would normally be up to 6 meetings scheduled over an agreed period of time. Specialties here include, Career, Performance and Change management coaching with a further option of Ex-Pat coaching which helps individuals and families both prepare and make the most of oversea postings.


Other Options


Delivery of materials and program(s) which support and develop employee engagement. Modules can be scheduled to suit your business over an agreed period of time where the aim is to improve performance for the individual and therefore the business. 


Delivery of materials and program (s) which support individual clients on a modular program of coaching and development over a time period designed and agreed with the individual.


Group Coaching in collaboration with other providers is delivered by using Webinars and interactive 'white boards' the aim of this coaching is to drive down the cost and provide valuable support via an effective and developing medium.


In partnership with Zest4Living we can refer you to a Health and Wellness Coach if your needs require support in respect of your Health related goals.




Services are delivered Face to Face, Online via Skype, by Telephone or at Business venue or an agreed venue of your choice.

Group Coaching Sessions/seminars are planned to commence during Q12015 and will be signposted in advance.





Working on a freelance consulting basis we offer valuable support, insight and direction in respect of a wide range of services primarily related to business growth and change. Specialties include.


  • Coaching and Training

  • Sales management

  • Change management

  • Engineering growth.

  • Performance Management




DW Coach Consult has a number of contracting relationships within the Corporate Consulting, Training and Coaching environment, if you would like to know more, then please feel free to contact us directly. Enquiries are treated on a confidential basis.



Services are delivered Face to Face, Online via Skype, by Telephone or at your Business location or an agreed venue of  your choice.

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