Case Studies

Change is a process

All my clients sign a confidentiality agreement. However some outline examples are given below to highlight and demonstrate the value and direction of coaching over the past 24 months. 
Career Professional(s)
I am engaged with a number of Individuals at various levels of seniority in their businesses. These key individuals experience a lot of change and indeed a lot of challenge, they work best with an advocate, someone standing in their corner, someone they trust who is prepared to listen to them, bringing some valuable experience and insight to the table.
My clients report immediate improved performance at work as well as a better work life balance achieved in the works for me and it works for them.



Professional Sports Client(s)
I have worked with several individuals who have needed support in order to perform at a better level on a regular basis. This work has included process management, visualisation, focus and commitment to change. I do not seek to work on, or improve their physical technique but I can focus their mind on achieving better experiences which lead to improved outcomes and this works....... 


International Senior Manager - Relocating Expat(s)
Change is sometimes unwelcome and it comes as a shock, not just for individuals but for their family and friends. I have coached a number of relocating executives, specifically as they have experienced change  as a result of promotion, relocation, business closure and/or the termination of an assignment or a tour of duty. I am able to bring my experiences to the table and support them throughout the process helping them to regroup and reframe in orfder to make the best out of challenging circumstances. 



Coaching Teams and Individuals to better results