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DW Coach Consult


Change is a process

Coaching Teams and Individuals to better results.



  • Welcome to the DW Coach Consult web page where you will find tailored services offered to individuals, groups and companies, so if you want to achieve sustainable change then you are in the right place......



  • Bespoke Individual Coaching support to help you improve your results.

  • Delivery of Employee Engagement programs.

  • Delivery of Individual Modular Coaching program.

  • Group coaching undertaken by invitation to Webinar and/or other Coaching events. 

  • Projects are undertaken where they align to the overall direction of the portfolio where experience and knowledge gained can be applied to maximum use for the client.

  • Employee Engagement

  • Customer Service

  • Performance Management




Implementing and Executing Change

Specific goals are:


  • Embrace change.

  • Choose what to do and when do it.

  • Enjoy making a difference.


Clients report back that this is exactly what happens to them when they engage with DW Coach Consult.


How can we support you?


'' Thanks for your help, I don’t know that things like this would be happening without your help. Looks like I may have an offer if I want it ''

Career Change Client, relocating