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What's Your Next Step?


Portfolio of up to 20 High Performing Individuals who aspire to be ‘The Most Valuable Players'


 Individuals are aspiring to senior/board level appointments within a 2-5 year timeframe. Coaching Contracts run for a period of 12 months and can be renewed annually dependent upon progress. Individuals need to demonstrate clearly the aspirations they have and develop a clear plan of attack to achieve this, they should be committed to and be prepared to execute change as they widen their own portfolio of skills.


Specialist Areas covered and evidenced in the portfolio:


Leadership, Business Development, Sales Management, Change Management, Agile Deployment & Delivery, Project Management.


Entry to the portfolio is usually by introduction only, but up to 3 places are reserved for inbound enquiry. The portfolio size is capped to ensure each individual is given the appropriate attention with meetings scheduled monthly or on demand.


Pricing Plans are available on request.


The Consultancy Portfolio includes assignments to both individual and business clients. These include idea assessment, problem analysis and resolution, bespoke challenges such as talent search, network introductions and time limited projects. Projects undertaken include Governance & Control, Change Management & Business Performance.


Pricing is available on request with projects undertaken for a time limited period of between minimum 3 months up to 12 months.

Training & Facilitation

Training and Facilitation Services are provided on a freelance basis to Enterprises with 3rd Party Clients in the Global 2000 list. These clients require Industry Experience to provide real world solutions and at desk application examples to assist their employees in making sustainable changes to their own skill portfolios.


Specialist Areas covered and evidenced within the portfolio:


Project Management - Traditional & Agile delivery

Leadership & Change Management

Brand & Relationship Management

Talent Management & Development

Strategy & Problem Solving


Significant experience of delivering both in Face to face and virtual delivery modes,

Services can be provided on a delivery basis only but are also available on a design and deliver basis which would involve formation and creation of materials and content to meet specific client needs which would require discovery and alignment to meet client needs.


Pricing is available on request and will depend on the nature of the assignment.


Business Support

The following services are provided to support business owners who are looking to improve performance or to address specific initiatives that they are undertaking to grow. These include but are not limited to the following:


Start-Up Services - Discovery, Setup and Execution

Business Planning - Prospectus, Financials, Forecasting

Business Performance - Assessment, Modelling, Strategic Alignment

Raising Funds and Capital - Network Introductions, Pitch Proposals

Pitching Services - Presenting to Investors, Clients and Collaborators

Investor Readiness - Structured Assessment Program


Services are offered to a range of business clients from start-up, sole traders to business and enterprise clients.


Services are also offered to Innovation and Enterprise Hubs looking to provide a portfolio of services to their members.


Pricing is available on request with a time commitment to suit circumstances.


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